Antioch Mosaics and ArcGIS Online: The Final Takeaways

To conclude our research on the global distribution of the Antioch mosaics, Ella Gonzalez and I created an interactive map and StoryMap on ArcGIS Online.

The map of the current Antioch mosaic repositories can be accessed here:

The StoryMap describing our entire research process from start to finish can be accessed here:


  • Faith Cimok’s Antioch Mosaics: A Corpus (2000)
  • Frances F. Jones’ “Antioch Mosaics in Princeton” (1981)*
  • Claudia Barsanti’s “The Fate of the Antioch Mosaic Pavements: Some Reflections” (2012)

*Note: all mosaics with “M” plus a number are from Jones’ article.

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