House Groups in ArtStor: House of Narcissus

As JJ posted about earlier, some of the initial labor for Phase One involved sorting through the vast archive of 500+ photographs of mosaics from Antioch that the JHU Visual Resources Collection built for us prior to the start of the course. JJ took on the task of grouping those images by house, bringing together within Artstor mosaics that have been distributed around the globe. Within these groups one can now access the available photographs of mosaics, regardless of current location. For now, this resource is limited to those with JHU’s institutional subscription, due to image permissions, but I have extracted some screenshots to share how it works using the example of the House of Narcissus:

And here are some additional images of the Narcissus mosaic from its current location in situ at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

Narcissus mosaic on the wall in the Baltimore Museum of Art
Narcissus closeup (Baltimore Museum of Art)

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