The Narcissus Mosaic Pavement from The House of Narcissus

My focus has been on the Narcissus mosaic from the House of Narcissus, which the Baltimore Museum of Art now collects. I have made a Storymap by ArcGIS talking about the excavation and conservation of this special mosaic panel and its parallels to other artworks depicting Narcissus. The story of Narcissus in Greek mythology and the conflict of illusional light sources in this mosaic are also discussed.

Bird Rinceau Mosaic

This blog is dedicated to analyzing the Bird Rinceau Mosaic from the Baltimore Museum of Art. It will link to a Story Maps website which includes an audio presentation, slideshow, sidecar, and map which visualize this information.

This content will be focused on both analyzing the Bird Rinceau Mosaic and its history, and then dives into offering arguments concerning the origin of its iconography.

There are three basic arguments that concern the origin of the vine iconography on the mosaic. First, it is plausible that the Bird Rinceau could serve as an example of Early Christian iconography and thought. Second, the Rinceau might just be largely representative of Greek or Hellenistic thought. Third, the Rinceau could serve as an example of Christian iconography, although influenced by Hellenistic tradition.

The website linked will dive further into each of these claims.