Phase II Updates

We’ve taken a slightly different approach this semester, which has yielded fewer posts but a much deeper dive on Antioch’s long history within which the centuries of mosaic floor production is situated. Andrea De Giorgi and Asa Eger’s new Antioch: A History (2021) offered us just this rich historical context and we were lucky enough to have Dr. Eger visit Baltimore and meet with ARP.

Dr. Asa Eger speaking with students in the Antioch Recovery Project (Phase II) in the Antioch court of the Baltimore Museum of Art, October 2021. All around the walls of this court between the arched entrances to different quadrants of the museum hang fragments of Antioch mosaics backed by concrete and rebar. Large glass windows on the inner walls of the court overlook a central garden that is open to the sky (but not accessible to visitors).

JHU has supplied our class with “communicator” masks, which have a clear panel to make visible each person’s mouths and lips and increase comprehension while maintaining covid-19 safety protocols. More soon on other visits, presentations, and podcasts!